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The Adventures Of An Italian Food Aficionado

Penne with fish sauceThe Adventures of Italian Food Lover

Ivonne of Cream Puffs in Venice and Catherine of Blithe palace together to host an event of food blogs in the celebration of the release of the adventures cookbook / travelogue, a lover of Italian food by Faith Heller Willinger . The rules for this event were simple: Instead of writing an exam, participants were asked to select and prepare a recipe book and share the story of a friend or family member with whom they share the dish. Or the participants could share the story of a friend or family member who inspired them to prepare the dish.

Many of the recipes in this book is a beautiful watercolor illustrations took me to Italy, caught my attention. I decided to make penne with fish sauce. Penne is one of my favorite types of pasta, and I was intrigued by the idea of ​​fish sauce.

My friend Francine has prompted me to make this dish. A wonderful cook, I think it’s something he wants. And ‘one of my best friends in my college days. I still remember the days when we breezed through the class suffered from classical Latin together, trying to remember the declensions and conjugations damn hard. We have studied and prayed very hard (very hard), that our writers and translations of works by poets such as Virgil, was correct. We prayed that the professors do not pick up. * Sigh * Those were the days. Fortunately, we had Latin classes with good grades.

For many years, where no cooking, my friend invited me to his house and prepare food for me. She encouraged me to cook and give me some simple recipes to begin with.

The recipe calls for fish to be cut into small strips. I cut the fish into strips, but as it cooked, I stirred the pot, it crumbled. Probably because he was the type of fish that I used – blue fish (one of my favorites). But it did not alter the taste. The combination of fish sauce, lemon zest, parsley and pens to the delicious meal.

I think if Francine tasted this meal that I prepare it like it a lot and I hope, believe, hope, it looks like I did a good job.


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