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    How to Follow Kosher Rules When Eating

    The Kosher diet is unusual because it is religious-based. An entire group of people follows these rules as determined by their religious beliefs. Even if you are not Jewish, you can still try eating kosher. As long as you follow the rules, you are good to go. Make sure that you choose the correct kind of food to eat and prepare it the right way.

    Eat only mammals that chew their cud

    You might think that a kosher diet requires you to follow vegetarianism. It is not necessarily true. You can still eat meat, but you need to be careful with which meat to eat. According to kosher laws, you can only eat meat coming from animals that chew their cud and with cloven hooves. It includes cattle, goats, sheep, deer, and bison. You cannot eat horses, pigs, and hares.

    You cannot eat shellfish or fish that have no scales

    You can also eat fish, but you need to ensure that it has scales. Crabs, lobsters, shrimps, and oysters are not on the list of foods you can eat. Swordfish is not a type of shellfish, but it has no scales, so you cannot eat it either. Some Jewish people believe that eating shellfish is not a good idea as it is a bottom dweller, and is unclean.

    You cannot eat reptiles, insects, and birds of prey

    Generally, kosher laws forbid the consumption of all animals belonging to this category. However, you may still eat insects based on the rules followed by your specific community. If you are not eating them anyway, it would be fine.

    Meat needs proper slaughtering

    Even with meat that you can eat, it is important only to have meat that people slaughtered the correct way following Jewish law. The general rule is that slaughtering needs to be humanely and quickly done. Kosher laws also ban any dish with blood. Draining the animals of blood before eating them is essential. Consuming vital organs is also against the law.

    You cannot have meat and dairy together

    One of the unique kosher laws is that you cannot have meat and dairy together. Therefore, you cannot have any dish with milk in it, except for fish. Dairy consumption is okay if separate from an actual meal. Desserts are also okay if they do not contain any meat.

    Preparing kosher meals could be a challenge, but still worth the try. If you are thinking of following a diet plan that makes sense, you will realize that kosher meals are okay. You can try the best kosher restaurants Manhattan offers if you do not have time to prepare the meals and you want to know how kosher food tastes. Given the cleanliness in preparing kosher meals, you will love every bite. You will also not feel guilty because you know it is good for your health. The rules seem complicated, but you can follow them if you remember the list.

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