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    How to Cook Sirloin the Way Top Restaurants Do

    When you wish to enjoy steak, you don’t have to book a reservation in the most popular restaurant in town. Instead, you can just cook your own steak at home. One great option is to use top sirloin, since it’s affordable and yet so juicy. The top sirloin has the bones and some of the rough muscle removed, and so it’s much easier to cook and eat.


    Fire up your grill, and preheat it to about 500 degrees F. Meanwhile, salt and pepper the sirloin. When the grill is hot enough, you can place the steak on it.

    Juices should bubble to the top of the sirloin after just a few minutes. At this point, you can then use your tongs to flip it over until it’s cooked to your satisfaction. For safety reasons, the inside temperature of the steak should reach at least 145 degrees F. Let the steak rest for about 3 to 5 minutes, and then you can serve and enjoy it.

    Slow Braising

    This is a style of cooking that’s partly slow cooking, and also partly frying. It’s a great option if you’re partial to medium or medium-well steak.

    You can start with your top sirloin by first making sure it’s properly seasoned. You can then heat oil in a heavy pan until the oil reaches about 350 degrees F. Put the sirloin in the heavy pan, and sear it on all its sides.

    When the meat has browned, take it out and then add some veggies to the pan. Wait until they’re somewhat caramelized, and then put back the steak into the pan. Turn down the heat to about 175 degrees F, and then add a bit of liquid to the mix. This can be tomato juice or beef stock.

    You need to cook the whole thing slowly, and that will take about 4 to 6 hours. Another option is to put the meat into a slow cooker, and then you can also take 4 to 6 hours to cook it on low heat.

    Sautéing a Top Sirloin

    This method is somewhat similar to braising. You sear the outside of the steak to seal in the juices. Afterwards, you let the heat penetrate the meat, until the steak is done in the way you prefer, such as medium-rare, medium, or medium-well.

    The first step is to heat some oil in a frying pan until the oil is medium hot. You can then add your steak (make sure it has been seasoned first) and cook the meat until you see the juices rise to the surface of the steak. Flip the sirloin over with your tongs, and then cook the other side as well. The inside temperature of the meat should reach at least 145 degrees F for health reasons.


    This is a suitable way to prepare a top sirloin roast cut. This method involves letting the heat from the oven get into the meat evenly. This will result in a steak that’s juicy and tender. Most of the time, the ends of the meat will be a bit more cooked, while the inside meat will be a bit rarer.

    The process starts by preheating the oven to 500 degrees F. Put the seasoned roast fat side up on a wire grill on a roasting pan. After about 15 minutes, you can lower the temperature to 275 degrees F. Continue to cook until again the inside temperature of the meat reaches at least 145 degrees F. This normally takes about half an hour per pound of steak.


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