Honeydew Melon Sorbet

This is a super simple summer must, clean refreshing and all natural. Really inexpensive
and will start you making all kinds of crazy stuff. Get high and get inspired. Just to mention
you do need an ice cream maker and a food processor.

Here are some of my creations just to mention a few: Honeydew and mint, Honeydew and
jalapeno,Cantaloupe and banana, Banana and chocolate, Pineapple mango.



  • This is the easiest and the purest straight honeydew melon, and there’s nothing wrong
    with that.
  • ½ fresh honeydew melon, no seeds please
  • Sugar, Depending on how ripe the melon is will dictate how much sugar is needed at all.


  1. Seed and cut your melons into cubes. If possible chill before it goes into processor.
  2. Pulse the processor and run it till the melon is smooth with little chunks. Taste, does
    it need sugar? And then decide how much sugar is needed. Add teaspoon at a time,
    and always taste.
  3. Put in ice cream maker, I have a kitchen aid, with the ice cream maker attachment.
    Its ok, not the best not the worst piece of equipment.
  4. Run it on medium speed for about 15 minutes. Be patient it will happen, if it doesn’t
    work sow ell put in the freezer and remix it in 40 minutes and repeat if necessary.
  5. So get stoned and get inspired to make something great!

Preparation time: 20 minutes

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