Great Equipment Equals One Great Restaurant

restaurant_equipmentsThe biggest part of having a successful restaurant is having the right people working there. However, they cannot get the job done without having the right restaurant equipment. There are things that are simply necessary in all kitchens or else work will just not get done as efficiently and well as it should.

Food Warmers

Just because your cooking staff is knocking it out does not mean that your serving staff is not a tad behind. This is where food warmers come into play. When a dish is complete, you want to make sure that it stays hot for a few minutes while it is waiting to be delivered. You can place dishes under a food warmer and it will help it to maintain temperature for at least a few minutes. While old food warmers were associated with blowing hot air around and drying out chicken and steaks, newer warmers will keep food at temperature without affecting its consistency or taste. Choosing the right one really only revolves around getting the right size for your kitchen. If you know that at least a dozen plates could be under the warmer at any time, then you will want to choose a good-sized food warmer. If your restaurant is smaller, then you can get away with a smaller warmer.


You need a grill and there is no getting around this. The size will depend on how busy you get and the size of your menu. Now, you want to choose something that is easy to clean. Most kitchens use stainless steel grills now because they can be easily wiped down throughout the shift and they will not rust. Regardless of how efficient your kitchen is, if it is not clean then you are going to run into problems.


A range, like a grill, is something that you cannot get away from. Many will argue that this is actually your most important piece of equipment. To do most cooking, from sauteing to making gravy or sauce, you need a range. These come in a large variety of sizes and the range you choose will depend on how your kitchen operates. If you are running a small cafe, then a range with four burners will often be enough. However, if you are running a busy dinner restaurant in a major city then you will need a range that is bigger with as many as eight burners.

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