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    Five Ways to Make Stellar Coffee

    As much as you want to know how to become a qualified barista, you will have to consider that it takes a great deal of skill to prepare a nice cup of coffee. Coffee, after all, is more than just a beverage to be enjoyed in the wee hours of the morning. It has actually cultivated its own culture centered around how it is prepared and how it is consumed.

    With that said, making a cup of coffee is not just a process. It is something that takes on more spiritual levels. With that said, people take go the extra mile when preparing their own idea of a perfect cup of joe. Whatever style or technique for making coffee, you can be sure that coffee is a substance that’s flexible enough to be experimented on.

    If you want to train the inner barista in you, you should try these nifty ideas that will put a special tune to the music of coffee making.

    Learn how to decorate

    Probably the best way to make coffee extra special is to practice making decorative lattes. You know, the ones served in coffee shops other than Starbucks? For some people, it seems kind of unnecessary to put flowers or other ornaments on the foam of your perfect brew. But a lot of people will appreciate seeing such designs on the very beverage that helps them jumpstart their day.

    Put cinnamon and other spices

    Coffee is good as is, but adding a little spice to your caffeine concoction can actually bring out an array of flavors that would end up caressing your taste buds. One thing’s for sure, coffee should be enjoyed with choice spices such as cinnamon and paprika. You read it right, paprika. These spices actually improve the aroma of your brew, and not to mention magnify its taste even further.

    Add some whipped cream

    It’s not childish like what others say. In fact, adding whip cream to a cup of coffee is one way to improve it. Especially when you happen to enjoy desserts as much as the next guy, whip cream is actually a good partner for your chosen brew. You only need to get creative by adding your favorite sprinkles or fruits on top. One suggestion: Ground some Oreos and put them on top for a really tasty afternoon pick-me-up!

    Play with the caffeine levels

    How much caffeine do you want in your brew? Well, it depends. If you want to go through an endless chatter with your colleagues, then you can always opt for higher caffeination. But if you’re about to hit the hay and suddenly think about making one last cup, then a decaffeinated brew should do the trick!

    Pick your beans

    Still, coffee-making also involves a great deal of knowing the beans you are going to use. While Arabica has always been the preferred variety, you can widen your palate by trying out different blends from different plants. You will become a coffee connoisseur and, at the same time, know a whole lot more about making coffee than the average joe.

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