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    EatingWell Bad Joes


    12 oz. 90%-lean floor beef
    1 large red onion, well diced
    1/4 cup cider vinegar
    5 plum garlic, diced
    2 tbsps all-purpose flour
    2 servings well reduced cremini weeds (about 4 ounces)
    1/4 cup soup marinade, such as Heinz
    1/4 cup ketchup
    1/2 cup water
    8 whole-wheat burger buttocks, carried out if desired

    Preparation method

    Fall animal meat into a large quality skillet; make over moderate warm until it starts to stand out, about 1 minute. Add red onion and weeds and make, mixing sometimes, breaking up the animal meat with a wood made place, until the vegetables are soft and the moisture has disappeared, 8 to 10 mins.

    Add garlic and flour; mix to incorporate. Stir in water, therapy, soup marinade and catsup and bring to a simmer, mixing often. Reduce warm to a low simmer and make, mixing sometimes, until the marinade is thickened and the red onion is very young, 8 to 10 mins. Serve warm on buttocks.

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