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    Cool Ways That Technology is Improving Our Lives

    Technology seems to be moving more quickly these days pushing us toward a future that few of us could imagine just a short time ago. The Internet has been at the center of it all because it allows for lightning speed movement of lots of information all around the world. This has led to new tech and new ways for groups to collaborate. The result have been a great boon to consumers today who have access to services that were previously out of reach. Here are two industries that tech is fully responsible for right now.

    Grocery Delivery

    Decades ago, having groceries delivered to your home was a business area that many companies adopted. They knew their customers and in that friendly environment it was a great convenience that grocers wanted to pro to show their customers how much they understood their busy schedules. But as cities grew bigger, relationships between customers and grocers weakened, and the cost of delivery increased, delivering food to customers became less frequent until it eventually all but stopped.

    Today however, because of the use of technologies including the latest process management software, online time management software, GPS tracking, just in time workers and car sharing services, home delivery of groceries is now a booming business. The places where home delivery has grown the quickest I the big cities. For instance, in terms of grocery delivery Chicago is a new hub for it. You can get the best local specialty grocer’s food delivered to you nearly 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This means that all of the high quality and best tasting food you love can be brought directly to you. No more settling for supermarket offerings that are lesser quality and not what you want exactly. You can pick your favorite deli or Italian grocer and have their exact food delivered.

    Driver Assist Automobiles

    A few short years ago the idea that your auto would drive itself seemed like science fiction, yet today cars can go from coast to coast unassisted. Although this is still a new technology with lots of bugs to be worked out, it is clear that the future has driverless cars at the center of public and private transportation. Although this is decades off from now, what is here already is driver assisted automobiles that place a computer between the driver and the road. These devices us a combination of GPS positioning, cameras placed all around the vehicle, fast computers and artificial intelligence to constantly read and interpret what is going on the road and then adjusting the automobile accordingly. These systems and read and react much faster than humans, modifying speed, and direction and eliminating threats and the chance of a potential accident in some cases before a human even notices it was there. The systems get smarter over time and the technology form these high-tech systems are being installed to some degree in every type of car today. OF course the most expensive automobiles have the highest level tech. Many new luxury cars are fully autonomous and can drive unassisted for many trips throughout a driver’s day. Although none of these system have been cleared legally yet, again they point to an inevitable future.

    These are only two areas where new tech is leading the way, but there are dozens more that are just as impactful


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