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Baby Octopus “Moscardino” with Grapefruit and Endive

BBQ Baby Octopus “Moscardino” with Grapefruit and Endive

This is no joke, full of flavor clean refreshing. Tender octopus with sweet and spicy BBQ sauce, charred to perfection. Together with bitter Belgian endive, whole flat leave parsley, sweet tangy grapefruit dressed lightly with olive oil and lemon juice!

  • 5 lbs. of fresh or frozen whole baby octopus. “if frozen defrost”
  • 2 whole grapefruit, I prefer pink grapefruit.
  • Handful of fresh flat leave parsley. Tear off parsley leaves and discard the stems.
  • 1 fresh lemon, coarse kosher salt, extra virgin olive oil.
  • Barbeque sauce, use your favorite or make it fresh. See BBQ sauce recipe in sauces.
  1. In a large pot bring about a gall on of water to a rapid boil season with a health pinch of salt.
  2. Now put the baby octopus in the water with ½ of a fresh lemon.
  3. Stir after about 4-8 minutes or once the octopus plumbs up remove from boiling water and place in a large bowl.
  4. Add barbeque sauce mix it in their real good. Put in the refrigerator.
  5. Now take 1 bulb of endive and cut into slices, the other endive cut off the stem and peel off the leaves. Put them together with the parsley.
  6. Peel the grapefruit and cut it into segments, no pith at all.
  7. Now we make the dressing for the salad. In a large bowl squeeze ½ a lemon no pits, about a 2-3 count pour of extra virgin olive oil. Healthy pinch of coarse sea salt and whisk.
  8. Now time to grill the octopus, if you don’t have a grill use your broiler. High heat please.
  9. Grill to a nice char, the octopus is already cooked the sugars in the BBQ sauce will burn and that’s kind of what we want. This time can vary.
  10. Now we put it together, first the salad whisk it again, taste? Does it need more salt? Lemon? Add the endive and parsley mix, now add the segmented grapefruit, and plate. DO NOT PUT THE OCTOPUS IN THE SAME BOWL. After the salad is on the plate we then place the charred octopus on top and around the salad!

That’s it! Enjoy with a delicious sweet sparkling wine!Prep time: 10-15 minuetsCook time: total maybe 15 minuetsDifficulty level: easy

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