4 pieces of apple
½ cup granulated sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Tea 1 cup hazelnuts
For the dough:
1 package of margarine
2 eggs
1 cup granulated sugar tea
Half a cup of yogurt
1 packet of baking powder
Three years and a half cups of flour
For the syrup:
4 cups water
3 cups granulated sugar
1 teaspoon lemon juice

Preparation method

Apples grate the zest strips. Add the granulated sugar and cinnamon. Juice has been absorbed, and cook until the apples. Sprinkle the nuts on the inside of the stove. Allow to cool. To prepare the dough, melt the margarine cold. Stir the eggs. Granulated sugar, baking powder and add the yogurt and mix. Gradually add the flour on top. Knead the dough until it forms a tasty snack. Mixture of nuts, grab some fairly large glands. Open half an inch thick. A cup of tea in the dough and the final phases. Place a pastry round over the counter. Put the apple in the middle. Turn off the second round of the fabric. Press the edges of the tip of the fork. Follow the same process all the painful, swollen lymph glands. Oiled baking dish, cover with paper. Place the baking dish and set aside glands. Prepare a mixture of water, sugar and lemon juice to a boil. Allow to cool in the syrup by boiling out of the oven. In addition to the bakery, where you enter the glands. Glands, and cook until golden brown area.
When you remove the syrup cool, threw for 5 minutes. Place the dish using a filter şerbetten glands received. Sprinkle with coconut and serve.

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