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3 Awesome Honey Barbeque Recipes
With summertime upon us, everyone will be barbequing for the next several months. What a treat it is to not only have all the friends and family together for some
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5 Popular American Recipes Everyone Should Try
Authentic American cuisine, like all other cuisines from around the world, has its own set of must-try dishes and recipes that you can make right at home or enjoy at
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Delicious Caviar Pie – A Heavenly Treat
The word caviar itself might pull you back since the rare fish eggs are highly priced. But for a very special treat, you can buy caviar in small cans. These
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5 Ways to Achieve Healthy and Satisfying Dinners
It’s hard enough to get dinner on the table every evening, let alone to make it a healthy and satisfying meal for every member of your family. If you’ve been
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How to create the perfect homemade lasagna
Lasagna is one of the most iconic Italian dishes. This rich and indulgent oven baked pasta dish originated in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy and has since become a
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Food-Magazine:Raspberry Baked Brie Recipe
Raspberry baked brie is great for entertaining or taking to parties. Best of all, it’s unbelievably easy to make, and you can do it with only FOUR ingredients! This Buzzle article explains just how. It can be difficult to decide what to bring to potluck parties, especially if you’re pressed for time. A lot of people resort to picking up a vegetable tray or a pie at the grocery store. But let’s face it—no one really likes those vegetable trays, and you can be sure that as soon as the party’s over, no one remembers what you brought. If you’re [...]
Food-Magazine:Different Types of Champagne Glasses
Why the Long Stem?Champagne glasses, like other white wine glasses, have long stems so that the fingers can grasp the glass by the stem instead of the bowl. This prevents the hands from transferring heat to the bowl and warming up the champagne inside. Champagne, for one, is associated with sophistication, class, and popular among those who have a taste for quality. The satisfaction that comes with the pop of the cork is unbeatable and aids in making a special occasion complete. The rich golden liquid is known for its aroma, flavors, and most importantly, its dancing bubbles. To get [...]
Food-Magazine:Brie Cheese Nutritional Information
Did You Know? The cheese gets its name from Brie, a region in France, where it originated. The real French Brie or Brie de Meaux is nicknamed the "Queen of Cheeses." Brie cheese is a popular French cheese that is pale yellow with a bloomy rind of white mold. The flavor of Brie cheese depends on the ingredients used, species of mold on the rind, and environment where it has matured.The process of manufacturing Brie cheese is quite simple, and it involves adding rennet to whole or semi-skimmed milk, heating it up to 37°C to obtain the curd, and then [...]
Amazing Cocktails Inspired by Movies
Many of these cocktails became "hot-favorites" after their on-screen debut! While vesper martini had a dream launch opposite Mr. 007 - James Bond, Manhattan had Marilyn Monroe as the leading lady. These "star" drinks have their own special recipes, but over the years, mixologists have customized them. Some of these drinks were unknown until the time our on-screen heroes took a couple of sips of the heavenly drink.From the Bond's martini to the Sex and the City's Cosmopolitan, and from Marilyn's Manhattan to the Cocktail's Red Eye, all these drinks are synonymous with their on-screen characters. So, the next time [...]
Food-Magazine:Genetically Modified Seedless Fruits
All fruits have seeds. The seedless varieties are the ones that are either genetically modified, crossbred, or grown by cutting or grafting the plant. From seedless watermelons, bananas, pineapples, oranges to grapes, today, a pomologist or horticulturist can produce fruits without a trace of seeds, by using a number of ways ranging from tissue culture, parthenocarpy, stenospermocarpy, grafting, to budding methods. Seedless fruits are mainly produced by using grafting or cutting methods. In the grafting technique, a shoot or bud is joined to a growing plant by insertion or attachment, and once the flowers bloom, they are sprayed with plant [...]